Hillwood Communities

We Create Community

Before we lay the physical groundwork for any new residential development, we take the time to focus on the ideals that draw people together — and the everyday interactions that strengthen those bonds. By purposefully designing our walkways, gathering spaces, and structural amenities to spark spontaneous encounters and foster shared interests, we create community in every sense.


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We're All Greater Together

Hillwood Communities is renowned for both the quality of our residential communities and the integrity of our relationships with homebuilders, trusted vendors, and community partners. Yet creating community goes far beyond the physical construction of homes and amenities. It also taps into the feeling of fellowship that emerges when individuals, couples, and families share experiences built on common attitudes and interests. Hillwood Communities delivers on both counts.

That’s why our trails and pathways aren’t simply walkable thoroughfares – they’re everyday conduits for casual conversation and unexpected discovery. By the same token, our on-site amenities are much more than places to swim, learn, play, or relax – they’re community catalysts for lifelong friendships.



life in Hillood Communities

Moments Make Memories

Evenings at the park. Community festivals. Sunrise workouts. Backyard barbecues. These are just a few of the moments that create community. And at Hillwood Communities, the moments our residents share as neighbors are the memories they make as friends.


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