Hillwood Communities


Sales & Marketing

2020McSam — Developer of the Year

2020McSam — Best Digital Media Program — Pecan Square

2020McSam — Best Overall Advertising Program — Union Park

2020McSam — Best Website — Union Park

2020McSam — Best Radio — Union Park

2020McSam — Best Graphic Continuity — Union Park

2020McSam — Best Brochure — Union Park

2020McSam — Best Print Ad — Union Park

2020McSam — Best Signage — Union Park

2020McSam —Lifestyle Director of the Year — Union Park

2020NAHB—The Nationals Silver Award—Union Park, Community Signage

2020NAHB—The Nationals Silver Award—Pecan Square, Digital Marketing Campaign

2020NAHB—The Nationals Gold Award—Harvest, Best Lifestyle Director

2020NAHB—The Nationals Gold Award—Harvest, Best Lifestyle Program

2019Aurora — Best on the Boards — Pecan Square

2019STAR — Best TV Commercial —Harvest

2019MAX — Best Community Amenity — Wolf Ranch

2019McSam — Best Community Entry Feature — Bluewood

2019McSam —Best Print Ad—Harvest

2019McSam —Master Planned Community of the Year —Harvest

2019McSam —Lifestyle Program of the Year —Harvest

2019McSam —Lifestyle Director of the Year —Harvest

2018McSam—Developer of the Year

2017McSam—Master-Planned Community of the Year (over 600 acres)—Harvest

2017McSam—Best Overall Advertising Campaign—Union Park for Taste of Union Park

2017McSam—Best Brochure for a Developer—Union Park

2017McSam—Best Lifestyle Annual Program—Harvest

2017McSam—Lifestyle Director of the Year—Page Austin/Harvest

2017McSam—Best TV Campaign—Harvest

2017McSam—Best Graphic Continuity—Union Park for Taste of Union Park

2017McSam—Best Sales Office/Welcome Center—Union Park

2017McSam—Best Billboard—Union Park

2016PRISM—Best Model Home Park--Pomona

2016PRISM—Best Overall Ad Campaign—Pomona

2016McSam—Best Overall Ad Campaign—Union Park

2016McSam—Best Radio Campaign—Union Park

2016McSam—Best Signage—Union Park

2016McSam—Best Computer Generated Tool—Harvest (for Interactive Tour)

2016McSam—Best Logo—Harvest

2016McSam—Developer of the Year

2015D CEO—Developer of the Year

2015McSam—Best Social Media Campaign--Harvest

2015McSam—Best Website for a Community--Harvest

2015ULI—First Ever Innovation Award for LiveSmart principles and environmentally friendly elements at Harvest

2015NAHB—The Nationals Silver Awards—Harvest, Best Clubhouse

2015NAHB—The Nationals Silver Awards—Harvest, Best Social Media

2015NAHB—The Nationals Silver Awards—Harvest, Master-Planned Community of the Year

2013McSam—Best Social Media Campaign—Harvest

2013McSam—Best Community Entry Feature—Harvest

2013McSam—Best Signage--Harvest

2013McSam—Best Print Ad—Harvest

2012McSam—Best Brochure by a Developer—Harvest

2012McSam—Community of the Year—Heritage

2012Dallas Business Journal—Minority Business Leader, Fred Balda

2012Texas Star Award—Best Special Realtor Promotion by a Developer—Sell Smart. Sell Hillwood.

2012Texas Star Award—Best E-Mail Message by a Developer—Live Smart Principles (videos)

2011McSam—Best Event/Promotion--Heartland

2011ARC Award—Best Luxury Community—Wimberley Place

2011McSam—Best Event/Promotion—Heartland

2008Marketing Professional of the Year for a Developer—Ashley Simpson

2008McSam—Best Realtor Promotion—2008 T.R.I.P.

2008McSam—Best Marketing Sign Program for a Developer—The Creeks of Preston Hollow

2008McSam—Community of the Year—Heartland

2008Texas Star Award—Best Direct Mail Piece—Developer (2008 Hillwood Residential Calendar)

2008Vesta—Best Brochure for The Creeks of Preston Hollow

2007McSam—No awards issued for 2007 in 2008 because of poor economy

2006McSam—Excellence in Marketing for Heartland

2006McSam—Best Sales Office for a Developer for Heartland

2006McSam—Best Overall Ad Campaign for a Developer for Heartland

2006McSam—Best Overall Signage for a Developer for Heartland

2006McSam—Best Consumer Sales Promotion by a Builder or Developer for Heartland

2006McSam—Best Color Newspaper Ad for a Developer for Heartland

2006McSam—Best Multi-Media Piece for a Builder or Developer (DVD) for The Creeks of Preston Hollow

2006McSam—Best Direct Mail Piece or Program for The Creeks of Preston Hollow

2005McSam—Marketing Professional of the Year—Margaret Pesnell

2005McSam—Best Overall Signage Program for a Developer for Heritage

2005McSam—Best Developer Billboard for Creekwood

2004Texas Star Award—Best Developer Information Center for Twin Creek

2004McSam—Best Developer Information Center for Twin Creeks

2004McSam—Best Developer Billboard for Liberty

2003Dallas Business Journal—Best Residential Deal/Liberty

2003Dallas Business Journal—Best Land Deal of 2003/Kingsborough (renamed Heartland)

2003Texas Star Award—Best Radio Advertisement by a Developer—Disney Campaign

1999McSam—Best B&W ad for Developer for Park Glen

1998McSam—Best Realtor Promotion for Sail For Sales

1997McSam—Best Special Promotion for Park Glen –"Cover All Your Bases"

1996Texas Star Award—Best Special Promotion for Park Glen –Sail For Sales

1996McSam—Best Overall Ad Campaign for Oakmont

1996McSam—Best Color Newspaper Ad for Stonebriar-"Extraordinary Beauty"

1996McSam—Best Developer Brochure for Oakmont

1996McSam—Best Magazine Ad
Oakmont – "This is our idea of drive time"

1994Texas Star Award—Best Direct Mail Piece
Oakmont "Pizza Box"

1994Texas Star Award—Best Special Promotion
Park Glen – Sail For Sales

1993*McSam—Best B&W Newspaper ad
Over ¼ page but less than full page for Park Glen

1990Bronze Quill Award For Park Glen News

*McSam—Maximum Creativity in Sales and Marketing (Awards given by the Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas)