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Hillwood Communities Expands in Texas


As Texas continues to see record-breaking numbers of relocation buyers across the state, Hillwood Communities is expanding its footprint in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston regional markets. Houston In October, 2021, Hillwood Communities closed on …

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Home for the Holidays
Home for the Holidays: Why December is a great time to buy a House


Does the housing market really chill out as temps do? The numbers – and the experts – say yes.  When the fire’s so delightful, many stay nestled all snug in their beds instead of house …

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Why is Texas One of the Best States for Entrepreneurs?


In the post-pandemic world, the need to anchor your business to a single geographic location is a thing of the past. As more and more businesses continue to loosen their “in office” policies or eliminate …

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7 Factors That Determine Resale Value of a Home


No one wants to pay too much for a house – or sell one for too little. However, if you’re not crystal clear on what affects the resale value of a home, you could end …

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A beautiful home in a Lifestyle by Hillwood community
Appraisals on New Construction Homes & Why They Are Needed


Do I Have to Get an Appraisal to Purchase a House? An appraisal is one of the steps to get a home mortgage.  If you are purchasing a house with the help of a lender, …

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Two beautiful homes in a Lifestyle by Hillwood community
The New Rules of Homebuying and How to Play By Them


House prices after coronavirus took a sharp uptick. Qualified buyers increased while the number of homes on the market fell, driving up costs. Now interest rates are also trending upward, adding another hurdle for prospective …

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A street scape of houses with lakes in the background in a Lifestyle by Hillwood community
How to Get Started Looking for a Home – Without Being Overwhelmed


And with Texas’ white hot housing market the stakes feel even higher. Stop. Take a deep breath. Count to three. Sure, finding a home right now can be stressful. Just keep in mind you only …

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A hand holding the keys to a home
Can You Buy a Home Without a Down Payment?


The good news is that even though putting 20% down was long the standard when purchasing property, that’s changing. Today, buyers who have little or no money to put down on a house have several …

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A beautiful home in a Lifestyle by Hillwood community
Buying A New Home Out of State? Make the Process More Efficient


Biz Journal reports that 60 percent of new Texas transplants come from other states in the U.S. – and for good reason. The attractive home prices, ample job opportunities, weather, and wide-open spaces call to …

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The yellow farmhouse at Harvest
Hillwood Communities Continues Industry Awards Win Streak for Third Consecutive Year


  The annual McSAM Awards recognize builders, developers, and associates in the Dallas area who have made significant contributions in the industry through specific achievements in product design, architecture, and sales and marketing categories. “We …

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