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Smart Home Trends Set to Take Over in 2022

March 15, 2022

The U.S. smart home technology sector will be worth more than $33 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow by approximately 11% per year thereafter.  And according to Statista, “The number of smart homes is forecast to grow and surpass the 350 million mark by 2023.”

By automating everything from home security to HVAC, these connected devices can help you save time and money without altering your routine.  It’s now possible, with just a few clicks on a smartphone, to adjust your home’s temperature, close the garage door, dim the lights, and arm your security system.  But where is the industry headed in the future? Rest assured that a business this size is investing plenty in research and development.  When it comes to emerging smart home trends, 2022 is positioned to be another year of growth.

As demand continues to grow, let’s look at some of home automation trends you can expect to become the norm as we build toward a more convenient future. 

Smart Home Technology Trends 

Keep an eye on these home automation trends that are likely to become even more important in the coming months:

Home Sensors

They’re like a live-in house manager that’s always on duty. These centralized sensors can monitor everything from the temperature in your home to how many lights are on at a time. Typically, all major systems can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or a smart home panel. Broken glass? Triggered smoke alarm? Visit this hub to get real-time information about what’s happening in your home, even if you’re not there. 

Smart Security Systems

Video doorbells are some of the most frequently requested smart home technologies available. But the smartest security systems do more than just give you a heads up when a package arrives or your in-laws show up unannounced. The systems can be as advanced as you choose, monitoring for a variety of possible calamities. Whether you have an appliance that didn’t get shut off or your carbon monoxide detectors get tripped, they can alert you and instruct you on how to address the situation remotely. Or maybe, you just want to peek at your pets when you’re away. Some advanced systems have cameras that can sense motion and come on when anything over a certain weight enters the room. 

Health Tech

With two years of practice living through a global pandemic, health and well-being technology is more in demand than ever. Let’s start with the area we spend the majority of our lives: the bedroom. Smart beds can monitor how many times you wake up in the night, how long you spend in REM sleep, and record noises over a certain decibel – a helpful feature for anyone wondering if they may be battling sleep apnea. 

Contactless systems are also a popular choice for the health-conscious. With more zero-touch surfaces in the home, the less likely viruses and diseases are to spread. Smart appliances are in on the action, too. Imagine a refrigerator capable of sensing the contents of your fridge, letting you know when food is near its expiration and automatically analyzing and displaying healthy recipes for ingredients you already have. These concepts are already in the works, and it won’t be long before we evolve beyond the internet-connected smart fridges already in production. 

Energy-Efficient Tools

Saving money on utilities is a huge benefit of smart tech. With energy-efficient bulbs connected to your automated home hub, you can easily cut back on wasted energy. Smart thermostats also top the list of many energy-conscious homeowners. Whether you let the system go into eco-mode and regulate the temperature for you, or set it to kick on at a certain time of day, these automated, programmable appliances can generally be accessed right from your phone.

Automated Everything

Be it voice assistant technology in your smart speaker, robotic vacuum and mop appliances, or smart faucets that monitor your water quality, homeowners have a lot to look forward to both now and in the future as technology evolves. 

Smart Home Technology In Hillwood Communities

Today’s homeowners want to take advantage of all the benefits that this technology affords.  And the creators of Hillwood Communities recognize the value of having the builders incorporate smart home technology into their homes from the get-go. 

For instance, every home at Pecan Square by Hillwood, our new home community in Northlake, Texas, includes the Canopy technology bundle. This package includes an Amazon Echo Show, a Ring video doorbell, speedy half-gig internet, whole house WiFi connectivity, and a community lifestyle app powered by Alosant.  The premier builders within other Hillwood communities can include smart home technology like doorbell cameras, smart thermostats, and security systems into their houses. 

These smart home features are just one example of Hillwood’s leadership and expertise in the residential real estate market. Curious just how smart our new home communities are? Reach out or start your home search right from your laptop!