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Hillwood Communities and Building Homes for Heroes: A Longstanding Partnership Continues

August 25, 2023

By Danny Ellis, Senior Vice President, Hillwood Communities

In a new community outside of Orlando, where the streets are lined with American flags, the Cable family experienced a truly remarkable welcome – a parade of gratitude. Staff Sgt. Matthew Cable, a retired Air Force veteran, and his wife, Ensley, were met with this heartwarming display as they received their new, mortgage-free home in the Rivington Community. This momentous occasion was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Building Homes for Heroes, Dream Finders Homes, Reader Communities, and Hillwood Communities.

This event marked a significant milestone for Building Homes for Heroes, as it was the 341st home gifted to a veteran in need. Symbolically, that number also had special meaning for the Cable family because Matthew’s first base was the 341st at Malmstrom Air Force Base. While on active duty in 2014, Matthew was diagnosed with AML Leukemia, which is a cancer of the bone marrow. After serving his country for over 10 years, Matthew was medically discharged in 2022.

The heartwarming remarks by Matthew and other dignitaries and partners in attendance underscored for me the importance of our partnership between Hillwood Communities and Building Homes for Heroes. It was a special honor to be on hand with Matthew and his family as he expressed the profound impact the new home would have on his family.

“As a husband and father, the greatest feeling one could have is knowing that their family, no matter what, will always have a home,” said Matthew. “With this home, my wife and I can put down roots and watch Cade (his son) grow up and continue to grow our family.”

Hillwood’s relationship with Building Homes for Heroes started with a shared commitment to giving back to those who have served our nation. Over the years, we have supported their mission by donating land in our communities for new homes and by helping recruit the partners necessary to build and deliver these homes.

It was a memorable day and I deeply appreciate our collaborations with organizations like Building Homes for Heroes and Reader Communities, both who worked tirelessly to make this happen. It was truly an honor to welcome Matthew, Ensley, and their son, Cade, to their new forever home.

Should you wish to get involved in this worthy cause and help Building Homes for Heroes achieve its goal of 400 homes by 2024, you can contact them at BuildingHomesforHeroes.org