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A bird's eye view of the homes at a Lifestyle by Hillwood community A bird's eye view of the homes at a Lifestyle by Hillwood community


How We Design Communities for Safety

July 31, 2021

When it comes to creating a secure environment, a master-planned community offers homeowners many benefits that begin from the moment they move in. 

Communities Designed for Safety

Our residential real estate experts think through every detail when designing our master-planned communities, from location to neighborhood layout to amenities and services. We know safety is of utmost concern to our residents and safety guides everything we do.  

Our communities are located in semi-rural areas and have limited access points, so you’ll have far less through traffic than you would in suburban or urban areas. That means reduced traffic congestion, making our streets feel safer than those in more densely populated places.

In addition, the data speaks for itself when it comes to crime rates in rural versus urban and suburban areas. According to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Justice, violent crime rates were roughly 74% higher in urban areas than in rural zones between the years of 1993 and 1998. By moving just a bit farther away from the city, you choose a potentially safer location for you and your family.

Thoughtful Community Design

Of course, one thing that holds people back from moving away from dense city centers is the convenience of having everything you need close at hand. But residential real estate is evolving, and people are ready for change. The old urban/suburban/rural concept is  no longer relevant for the 21st century. Today’s homebuyers want neighborhoods that are built to be sustainable, pleasant, and healthy places to live. Some call this concept New Urbanism. We call it living smart. Hillwood’s Live Smart communities fulfill homeowners’ needs for neighborhoods that offer enrichment, connection, convenience, stewardship, and well-being.

In our neighborhoods, much of what you need is on-site: schools for your kids, places to walk and exercise, pools and recreational centers, entertainment and social opportunities, state-of-the-art amenities, and even community farms to grow your own food. There’s minimal need to leave the community, which cuts down on traffic and enhances safety.

In addition, we make sure the blocks are sized so you can get where you need to go without having to cross multiple streets. It’s a pedestrian-friendly concept that incorporates many design disciplines.

Security Features for Individual Homes

You might wonder if Hillwood Communities are gated. They are not, by design. One of the drawbacks of putting a gate around a community is that this can create a false sense of security. Gates can be bypassed and individual houses can be vulnerable if they are not adequately secure. 

Individual home security is a better way to go for those that wish to do so and with the growth of the smart home technology industry, this has become easy to accomplish. For example, at Pecan Square by Hillwood, our technology-driven community in Northlake, TX, every home there comes equipped with our Canopy technology bundle. This means each home has a Ring Video Doorbell, an Amazon Echo Show, full home Wi-Fi coverage, super-fast half-gig internet service and the Pecan Life App from the very first day. These features offer homeowners a baseline level of security that can be enhanced with additional smart security devices if they so choose. 

Community Connections Promote Safety

Another way we plan for safety is by promoting a culture of community. Every design choice we make for each of our developments is centered on fostering a sense of community, from initial planning stages to the efforts of our HOA and Lifestyle Team. We invest in our residents to create a connected community, and one of the end results is a neighborhood that feels safe.

Some of the ways we create a sense of community include:

  • Shared amenity areas where you can meet people with common interests
  • Layouts designed to allow for spontaneous encounters with other residents
  • Planned events to connect neighbors and their families

We design everything to be a catalyst for everyday interactions that can spark lifelong friendships. In such a close-knit community, crime is less likely. Everyone knows everyone else, and they look out for one another.

Join One of Our Communities

At Hillwood Communities, we’re known throughout Texas for the quality of our master-planned neighborhoods. We strive to foster a true sense of community where you can get to know and trust your neighbors. Explore all our properties and learn more about how Hillwood Communities can help you Live Smart and feel safe.