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Should I Use a Realtor to Buy a Home in a Planned Community?

February 25, 2021

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or have been through the buying process many times before, buying a home is a significant event. There are many moving parts and decisions to be made. The process can be quite challenging without some expert guidance. There are several benefits to using a realtor to help navigate this journey. Working with a real estate agent is like having a trusted business partner that has your best interests in mind and can see the big picture, offering insight when needed to ensure you don’t miss anything that could create a stressful situation down the road. 

When you decide to buy a home in a planned development, like those by Hillwood Communities, the perks of working with a realtor are numerous and may even surprise you. Using a realtor to buy a home in a master-planned community will help you find the right fit for you and your family. The realtors that bring clients to Hillwood Communities are experts not only in real estate, but also in planned communities. They are local to the area, making them a great choice when you’re seeking a trusted professional to assist you with a home purchase.

It’s important to understand that when you look at planned communities, it can be tempting to just let the builder’s agent handle the transaction. However, having your own real estate agent is a better idea. The realtor who works for you is known as a “buyer’s agent” and it is their responsibility to look out for your best interests during the entire process. Usually, the seller pays both the selling and buying agents’ commissions, but be sure to confirm that up front with the builder’s agent. Still wondering, do I need a realtor to buy a house in a planned community? Consider these five benefits of using a realtor before you make your final decision:

1. A Realtor Can Help You Find the Best Location

There are nine Hillwood Communities in Texas, each offering a unique living experience. Style, size, and land are just a few characteristics that vary from community to community. Location is another key factor in deciding which community suits you best. Should you use a realtor when buying a home? We say, “yes!” A real estate agent can help you determine what size lot is best for your needs, show you available properties and help you find the home of your dreams

2. Realtors Are in the “Know” When It Comes to Amenities

Planned communities are known for their amenities, and Hillwood Communities have something for everyone. Good quality of life is a concept we honor at Hillwood Communities by featuring a variety of “Live Smart” principles that focus on giving you a future full of connection, well-being, enrichment, stewardship, and convenience. Each of our communities offers slightly different perks. By getting to know you as a client, an agent will know which community is right for you and can assist you in finding the right home in a shorter amount of time.

3. A Realtor Will Be Your Advocate

In today’s world of internet home listings and DIY culture, many new homebuyers think that they can handle a new construction purchase on their own. After all, it’s easy to tour the model homes, and the builder’s agent is right there to complete the purchase. While this is possible, having your own real estate agent means that you have an advocate. Most builder’s agents are thinking of their employer first and your needs second. The realtor you bring with you will ensure your interests are always at the forefront. 

4. Negotiation Is a Realtor’s Strength

If you’re wondering, do I need a realtor to help me get the best price? The answer is, “absolutely!” As the housing market continues to explode, good negotiation tactics may be the difference between you getting the home of your dreams or letting it slip away. Why use a realtor to buy a home? Because they are professional and crafty negotiators who are experts at drawing up effective purchase agreements, especially when dealing with planned communities, where a builder may offer numerous options for upgrades and add-ons. Negotiation is important to ensure you get the features that you want in your home for the best price, and a real estate agent can help accomplish this. 

5. Rely on a Realtor for a Smoother Process

You are not alone if you pondered the question, do you need a realtor to buy a home? Buying a new construction home in a planned community may seem very straightforward, but there are many steps including inspections and contract contingencies. An experienced real estate agent will know just what inspections are needed for a new construction home and will know what other issues to watch for. They have seen it all and have the experience necessary to work through almost anything. Realtors, particularly those with experience in planned communities, are extremely valuable during this process. 

Choose Hillwood Communities

With life’s modern conveniences much more accessible than in other neighborhoods, a master-planned community can take a lot of pressure off homebuyers. Enjoy less traffic, more green space, and a stronger sense of community when you invest your homebuying dollars here. It’s crucial to have the right real estate agent by your side when purchasing a home in a planned community. We encourage you, and your realtor, to learn more about our nine master-planned communities located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin, by browsing our website or contacting us for more information.