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Some of My Most Rewarding Work: Serving Second Chances at The Stewpot

October 24, 2023

By Danny Ellis, Senior Vice President, Hillwood Communities

The second Wednesday of the month holds a special place in my heart. It’s one morning each month when I get to dedicate myself to supporting a local charity, and over time, it’s become one of the most rewarding endeavors that I have experienced while working at Hillwood Communities.

Every year, we have a tradition at Hillwood Communities of picking a charity as part of our efforts to expand our impact beyond the communities we develop. We have worked with a number of local charities over my time at Hillwood, and no matter what their particular mission is, we find great joy and reward as we work as a team to give back to others. It’s a commitment that is deeply rooted in our company culture. 

Last year, as we considered new charities to support, I found myself advocating for a wonderful organization located in downtown Dallas called The Stewpot. The mission of the Dallas-based Stewpot is to provide comprehensive services and support to homeless and at-risk individuals, fostering hope, dignity, and a path toward a new life. They strive to address the immediate needs of the most vulnerable members of the community while empowering them to break free from the cycle of homelessness and regain control of their lives.

Although I had no prior connection to The Stewpot, my encounter with Brenda Snitzer, the Executive Director, during our shared experience in the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Leadership Dallas program left a lasting impression on me. Witnessing her unwavering dedication to the Stewpot’s mission, I was inspired to champion their cause when considering a new charity to support. At the time, it seemed like a perfect match for Hillwood Communities, yet little did I realize how profoundly rewarding this decision would be for me personally.

Engaging with The Stewpot’s community, witnessing the impact of their programs, and working alongside my colleagues brightens each morning I serve and provides a sense of fulfillment and purpose in my own life. 

Through our engagement with The Stewpot, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with some extraordinary individuals who are down on their luck. Witnessing the profound hope ignited by a warm meal and a simple smile through The Stewpot is a truly exceptional experience. As a member of the Hillwood Communities team, we take immense pride in contributing to this remarkable endeavor, knowing that even our modest involvement makes a meaningful difference. To learn more about volunteer opportunities at The Stewpot, please visit www.thestewpot.org/volunteer.