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The Future of Housing: 3D-Printed Homes in Georgetown, Texas

July 13, 2023

By Brian Carlock, Senior Vice President, Hillwood Communities

As a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), I had the privilege of recently attending the ULI national conference in Toronto, where I had the opportunity to discuss the exciting advancements happening in residential housing. One particularly remarkable innovation that we explored was the development of 3D-printed homes, a groundbreaking approach to home building.

Photograph courtesy of Lennar/ICON

If you are seeking an affordable, sustainable, and innovative housing solution, you should definitely take a look at the world’s largest community of 3D-printed homes located in Hillwood’s master-planned community Wolf Ranch in Georgetown, Texas. This groundbreaking project is a collaborative effort between ICON, a pioneering construction technology company in large-scale 3D printing; Lennar, one of the nation’s leading homebuilders; BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, an architectural firm; and Hillwood Communities, a renowned real estate developer.

The community of 3D-printed homes in Wolf Ranch, named The Genesis Collection, will comprise 100 single-family houses offering eight different floor plans ranging from 1,575 to 2,112 square feet. Construction is well underway with a fleet of ICON’s Vulcan robotic construction systems and the first homes available for purchase. This innovative approach to home building not only provides sustainable and affordable housing options but also represents a significant step forward in revolutionizing the construction industry and maintaining home affordability in the Austin, Texas area.

What exactly are 3D-printed homes?

ICON’s 3D-printed homes are houses built using a robotic construction system that prints the entire wall system of the home with a material it developed called Lavacrete. This proprietary cement-based material offers exceptional strength and durability, surpassing building code requirements. The printing process significantly reduces waste, saves time, requires less labor, and provides greater design freedom and customization options.

What are the benefits of 3D-printed homes?

  • Efficiency & Durability: Inherently strong, resilient, and more energy-efficient, the Genesis Collection at Wolf Ranch is built using advanced materials, engineering, and 3D robotics. Advanced materials and airtight building envelopes reduce temperature fluctuations creating incredibly comfortable living spaces. Additionally, the wall systems are delivered with speed and precision, thus shortening the construction timeline
  • Sustainably Built: With precise robotic construction, the wall systems are delivered with extreme accuracy and reduced waste. Powered by the Sun. Each home is equipped with highly efficient all-weather photovoltaic solar panels. Standing Seam Metal Roof. Metal Roofs are durable, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and last longer than traditional roofs.
  • High-performance, innovative homes with style: These 3D-printed homes embody cutting-edge technology and design trends within the housing industry. Each of these 3D-printed homes beautifully captures the essence of contemporary Texas ranch-style aesthetics. This feat was accomplished by the renowned architectural firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group. Along with their stylish design, each new home also comes equipped with smart home features and amenities that enhance comfort and convenience.
Photograph courtesy of Lennar/ICON

Hillwood Communities is excited to welcome ICON/Lennar and these futuristic new homes to our Wolf Ranch community in Georgetown. Wolf Ranch is a 1,120-acre development that offers a wide range of home styles, builders, amenities, and experiences tailored to residents of all ages and lifestyles. Nestled alongside the scenic San Gabriel River, Wolf Ranch serves as Georgetown’s very own Texas Hill Country oasis. It seamlessly combines serene natural settings with a vibrant community atmosphere.

For more information and updates on the 3D-printed homes, please visit https://www.iconbuild.com/wolfranch. You can also follow ICON on social media to stay connected with the latest news and developments regarding their projects.