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A bird's eye view of the homes, parks and amenities at a Lifestyle by Hillwood community A bird's eye view of the homes, parks and amenities at a Lifestyle by Hillwood community


What Is A Master-Planned Community?

February 8, 2021


They are large residential communities, often suburban or rural, that include a broad offering of amenities for homeowners. These master-planned neighborhoods differ from traditional housing subdivisions in that they typically offer homes from a number of home builders rather than just one or two and include a variety of lot and home sizes within a broad array of price ranges. As a result, master-planned communities tend to attract residents in every stage of life, from first-time homebuyers to established families, to empty nesters and retirees.

The Convenience of Amenities Inside & Outside The Community

An online search for the definition of a master-planned community yields the following from Bankrate.com

“A master-planned community is a large-scale residential neighborhood with a large number of recreational and commercial amenities . . ."

Master-planned communities’ amenities tend to be what initially draw potential residents to these neighborhoods. Virtually all planned communities include recreational spaces such as swimming pools, green spaces, and paths for residents to enjoy. Schools are another important focus for master-planned neighborhoods and some have a public school from their district located on-site. 

Location is also very important for master-planned development. Most Hillwood planned communities have easy freeway access, are close to shopping, dining, services, and entertainment, and are conveniently located within thirty miles of a major metropolitan area and within forty miles of a major airport.  

In addition to traditional master-planned community amenities, Hillwood’s Live Smart communities offer even more. Harvest by Hillwood was created for residents with an appreciation for the farming heritage of its region of North Texas. In addition to parks, pools, and other amenities, Harvest homeowners who value farm-to-table produce have access to their own private plot in the community’s garden and can get help from an on-site farming expert.

Pecan Square by Hillwood has a technology focus. Every Pecan Square homeowner receives a Canopy technology bundle and has access to an on-site home automation professional for assistance with home tech needs.

Each of our five Live Smart communities have been constructed to conserve resources with water-wise landscaping and energy-efficient building principles. Centered around the enduring principles of connection, well-being, enrichment, stewardship, and convenience, these communities offer forward-thinking residents a sustainable and active lifestyle for the 21st century.

The lifestyle managers at our Live Smart properties schedule hundreds of fun, enriching activities each year for residents including fitness classes, community programs, parties, children’s activities and much more. Our common spaces are designed to encourage interactions and active play.  These master-planned communities create the perfect environments for families to thrive, friendships to blossom, and neighbors to live life to the fullest. 

Safety For You and Your Family

One of the benefits of master-planned communities is safety. Most planned housing communities are located in rural or suburban locations which tend to have lower crime rates overall so the risk of random crime in a planned community development is low.

Those who live in planned residential communities tend to know each other better than residents of other neighborhoods. The community events, walking trails, playgrounds, and other amenities make it easy to get to know your neighbors. When you live on the street with people you know and care about, it's easy for neighbors to look out for each other.

A planned residential community typically has a limited number of access points in and out of the development, meaning that there is virtually no through traffic and the neighborhood streets tend to be less traveled and safer for kids.

Hillwood’s master-planned communities are created with safety in mind. Our Live Smart communities were specifically designed so that kids (and their parents) could explore and make new friends safely. This friendly neighborhood atmosphere and shared sense of community is the reason why so many families choose to buy a home in a Hillwood Communities property.

Investing In Your Future

Are master-planned communities good investments? Yes, they typically are. The value of homes in master-planned communities tend to be more stable because they are in good locations (that become even better with time), they are in attractive, well-maintained neighborhoods, and they have reputable schools.  The real estate advisory company RCLCO found that homes in planned housing communities appreciate at a faster rate than other homes during a strong economy and lose less value in a slow economy.

What costs are associated with living in a master-planned development? When you live in a master-planned community, you will most likely have some expenses associated including homeowners' association (HOA) dues. The HOA’s job is to take care of the communal areas of the community and in some communities, HOAs perform some functions to assist homeowners with their properties.  

The HOA is responsible for operating and maintaining many community amenities, including swimming pools, ponds, fountains, green spaces, fitness facilities, event venues, playgrounds, and the landscaping in the communal areas. All homeowners in the community share these expenses when they pay their HOA dues.

On occasion, a larger expenditure may be necessary, such as resurfacing a swimming pool or replacing the roof of a building. This might require an assessment, which is a one-time charge that is divided among all members of the HOA.  

Master-Planned Communities By Hillwood 

If you’re interested in exploring homes within a master-planned community, we have a lot of great options for you. Our Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex properties include communities in Argyle, Northlake, Celina, Little Elm, Melissa, and Lucas, Texas.  We also have a wonderful community near the Austin area in Georgetown, Texas and another outside of Houston in Manvel, Texas. Each one of our communities has its own distinctive appeal and has been created with a sense of shared community in mind.