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An interior of a home with a beautiful living room and kitchen An interior of a home with a beautiful living room and kitchen


New Home Design Trends 2021

July 15, 2021

Today’s newest home interior trends are bold, exciting, and put a modern twist on classic decor ideas. If you are looking to update your home with new furniture or accessories this year, let these trends in home design inform your project.


Perhaps a result of the pandemic, houseplants are big in home design. Though many people have at least one houseplant, they have become increasingly popular in the last few years. The current fad is to have as many of them as possible, at least in one area, to create a mini jungle of sorts. The design gives reference to home trends in the United States in the 1960s and 70s, with a modern twist on the pots and the plants themselves.

Elemental Accessories

Speaking of the 1970s, wicker and rattan are making a huge comeback. These nature-inspired, elemental materials can be used in many different ways to accent a space, or as the primary furniture that anchors a room. 

Natural stone remains a mainstay as well, making it a great option for flooring, backsplashes, countertops, and more.

Unique Furniture

Unique and vintage furniture is a leader of current trends in home design as well. Using furniture as a decoration, rather than as a necessity, has forced designers to get creative. It isn’t uncommon to see interesting or asymmetrical shapes for couches, chairs, and coffee tables. 

A lot of the material being used in this furniture comes from renewable or sustainable resources, which is not only popular but essential for our changing environmental landscape. These new materials, such as bamboo, concrete, and cotton, give the furniture an unexpected quality.

Nostalgic Pieces

In the spirit of eco-friendly decor, new interior design trends are focusing on vintage or pre-owned pieces. A lot of the trends from mid-century homes are resurfacing, so it is easy to find vintage furniture that fits current trends. The style is nestled in nostalgia and allows homeowners and guests to take comfort in simpler times. 

Maximalist Decor

Though minimalism will always be trendy in some form or another, maximalism has been taking the front seat recently. Rather than depriving one’s home of accessories, this style encourages lots of color and a significant number of accents. Mixing large and small pieces only adds to the ambiance. This style does not have to be mutually exclusive to the other trends on this list. In fact, rattan, wicker, and unique furniture are all hallmarks of maximalist design. 

Personalized Outdoor Living Spaces

Up until a few years ago, outdoor furniture options were relatively limited. A lot of what was available was manufactured for durability, making it more utilitarian than fashionable. In recent years, experts have developed materials that can be both weather-proof and attractive, allowing families to make their outdoor spaces more personal to their unique taste. 

A lot of the wicker and rattan trends stand true for outdoor spaces as well. Outdoor tables and chairs made of wicker are not uncommon and help to bring the elemental theme outside. What’s more, these natural materials blend seamlessly with the environment, making them an attractive option.

Smart Home Features

Smart home appliances such as Ring doorbells and the Amazon Echo Show have been growing in popularity, and in 2021 they are ubiquitous. No matter what the indoor aesthetic, many people are opting to install smart home devices. There are many perks to these appliances, many of which can appeal to almost anyone. They include: 

  • Better safety and home security
  • Easy access to lights, heating and cooling systems, and electronics
  • Better control over child safety features
  • Peace of mind

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