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A father and daughter playing soccer in a park at a Hillwood community A father and daughter playing soccer in a park at a Hillwood community


A bird's eye view of Jackson Hall at Pecan Square
Hillwood Communities Wins Community of the Year


For the third consecutive year, Hillwood Communities has received the highest accolades from the Dallas Builders Association annual sales and marketing awards. Pecan Square by Hillwood, our beautiful Northlake, Texas community, was selected as Master-Planned …

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Who Lives in New Build Home Communities?


With the popularity of new homes reaching all-time highs post-pandemic, it’s no surprise that new build home communities are experiencing a similar surge in demand. These vibrant neighborhoods are attracting a diverse range of generations, …

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The Future of Housing: 3D-Printed Homes in Georgetown, Texas


By Brian Carlock, Senior Vice President, Hillwood Communities As a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), I had the privilege of recently attending the ULI national conference in Toronto, where I had the opportunity …

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6 Amazing Benefits of Moving to Austin, Texas


It’s no secret that in a world where people can increasingly live and work from anywhere in the country, they’re choosing to move to the Austin, Texas area. And for anyone who’s spent time there, …

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7 Benefits of Relocating to Greater Houston
7 Benefits of Relocating to Greater Houston


It’s no secret that in a post-pandemic world, folks from all over the country are moving to Texas. But what you may not know, is that their top destination in the Lone Star State is …

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Dallas Relocation Guide
5 Reasons Everyone Wants to Move to DFW Right Now


Forget what you think you know about Texans. We’re not all cowpokes in ten gallon hats and spurs. In fact, most of our 26+ million residents live in thriving, metropolitan communities. But a state with …

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Why Hillwood Communities Homes Have Enduring Value


Having a place to call home is great, but homebuyers want more than a beautiful, comfortable, place to live. They also want a return on their investment. Home value appreciation is one of the many reasons …

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Why You Should Buy a Home Now in Texas – And Where to Start


The real estate market is constantly changing. The homebuying process is different now than it was even a year ago, leaving many to wonder whether they should even consider buying a house in 2023.   For …

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Communities Are Changing
Hillwood Communities’ Approach to Placemaking & Building Community


“Placemaking” is a term that gained traction in the mid-1990s in the urban planning realm. It describes a concept centered around designing inviting, useful communities. Hillwood Communities adopted some of these groundbreaking placemaking methods to create …

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The Best Suburbs in Texas are…Exurbs?


While many families made the choice to abandon city living in 2020, this exodus is nothing new. In fact, Census data shows that the growth of the exurbs has had tremendous development from 2010 to …

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A landscaped walkway in a Hillwood community A landscaped walkway in a Hillwood community

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