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Choosing a Great Lot for Your New Construction Home

Posted on 12/31/2021 by Globe Runner Team in choosing a lot in a new home community choosing the right plot new homes in texas new home communities

You hear it all the time when buying a house: location, location, location. But that doesn’t just apply to the Texas city or suburb you’re searching in. Picking a great lot within your new home community is as important as choosing the right builder and floor plan.

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Avoid these 10 common homebuying pitfalls for new construction

Posted on 12/15/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in homebuying new homes in texas new home communities

So, you’re thinking of buying a new home. Smart move. Believe the hype when folks tell you there’s no better time. Mortgage interest rates are at historic lows, though no one knows for exactly how long. Now’s your best opportunity to take action. Whether buying your first house or fifth, you need to be on your toes. This market waits for no one and that goes double for new construction homes. 

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7 Common Myths About New Construction Homes

Posted on 11/30/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in new homes in texas master-planned communities new home communities new construction homes

When you’re planning to move, you have two primary options: buying an existing house or building a new construction home. Many people shy away from new builds because of the perceived difficulties involved. However, there are many benefits of buying a new construction home.

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How to Prepare for a Move

Posted on 11/15/2021 by Globe Runner Team in master-planned communities new homes in texas

You’ve bought a new construction home in a master-planned community... congratulations! Now, all you can think about is getting the keys to your new place. But there will be a lot to do before you can spend that first night in your new home. You have an entire household to pack up and move! Take advantage of all that excited energy and start planning for your move.

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Choosing Your Dream Home

Posted on 10/31/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in homebuying new homes in texas

You’ve decided to make a move to a new home in a master-planned community but now there are so many decisions to make when building a house! What style home will it be? Will your home have one story or two?

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What Is a Live-Work-Play Community?

Posted on 10/15/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in master-planned communities new homes in texas

Also known as mixed-use developments, live-work-play communities are built to accommodate all the needs of their residents. Historically, these typically existed only in cities where people in multifamily units would meet all their needs within walking distance.

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Hillwood Communities Wins Big In 2021, Including Master-Planned Community of the Year!

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in master-planned communities news homebuying new homes in texas

Hillwood Communities has once again been recognized as one of the most respected master-planned community developers in the United States, taking home multiple awards celebrating the best of real estate in 2021.

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Choosing a New Home Builder

Posted on 9/30/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in homebuying

Building a new home? You’re most likely about to make the largest purchase of your life, so it’s important to choose the right builder. You want to be sure you find a homebuilder who will not only produce quality results, but who will also understand your needs and be easy to work with.

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What It Means to Live in a Master-Planned Community

Posted on 9/15/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in homebuying master-planned communities new homes in texas

Throughout the nation, many people have decided they want more from their neighborhoods.

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The Benefits of Walking and Biking to School

Posted on 8/31/2021 by Globe Runner Team in master-planned communities suburban Dallas planned communities

At Hillwood Communities, we’re proud to be able to give our residents access to quality schools. We strive to place our communities in desirable school districts where we can work with city officials to build on-site elementary schools within our neighborhoods. 

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